ownCloud 9.1 upgrade on FreeNAS

Posted on Fri 18 November 2016 in homelab • 1 min read

Hello there.

I updated my ownCloud FreeNAS plugin to the latest version.

After that I did not get my login page back, but I had to continue doing the update manually through the CLI.

Below are the steps I took.

This might help other people using ownCloud on FreeNAS/FreeBSD.

  1. First log in to your FreeNAS box and enter the correct jail

    jexec 4 tcsh    # in my case jail number 4 was ownCloud
  2. Then you should go to the owncloud install directory

    cd /usr/pbi/owncloud-amd64/www/owncloud
  3. Now the following command should be run to conclude the upgrade process (see the official docs). On FreeBSD it is a little different:

    su -m www -c 'php occ upgrade'
  4. That will give you a bunch of errors, the problem is that php and it’s dependencies are not installed. Here are all the dependencies I had to install:

    pkg install php56 php56-ctype php56-gd php56-xmlreader php56-xml php56-zip php56-xmlwriter php56-curl \
                php56-zlib php56-hash php56-mbstring php56-posix php56-pdo php56-sqlite3 php56-pdo_sqlite \
                php56-json php56-simplexml
  5. After that I could run the upgrade command without and I got my login prompt back!

Disclaimer: I am not a FreeBSD expert, so there might be a cleaner way to do this.

I found it really weird that I had to install php56 after a plain update of the ownCloud pbi …

Update: There is now an official NextCloud plugin for FreeNAS, we should all be using that now. Here’s why.